Stefan Theofilos
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Make Better Decisions, Faster



Lucro Solutions, a healthcare startup based in Nashville,TN, is a digital platform that helps healthcare organizations evaluate and choose the right vendor partners. By linking healthcare buyers with sellers of innovative healthcare products, Lucro has reinvented the outdated purchasing process and accelerated decisions.

When I arrived at Lucro in August of 2016, I was the only designer for a company of 13 people. I managed multiple tasks, like working on with the product team, engineering team, and marketing team, simultaneously to fulfill their design needs. For the most part, I worked directly under the co-founder and S.V.P. of Product and was given the opportunity to completely redesigned the app. While I was employed there, I created their current style guide as well as their design culture.


Tools used in this project

Design: Figma
Prototyping: Invision


UI, UX , Low & High Fidelity Prototyping


Platform 1: Healthcare Organizations

Lucro is created by healthcare leaders with a deep knowledge of healthcare buying cycles. They helps healthcare organizations make better, faster purchasing decisions while lowering risk.


Home Screen

Teams at healthcare organizations create boards to advance company initiatives. Boards make it easy to privately request information from vendors that can help hospitals meet their goals, work together as a team, and choose the best solution.

Healthcare Organizations Home Screen



Board teams can easily consider vendor submissions and narrow their applicants, as well as discuss their evaluation and send follow up questions to vendors. Direct product comparisons are available at the click of a button.



Once a selection has been made, vendors are appropriately notified, and the organization maintains a record of the vendor selected, diligence completed, and participants involved.



Platform 2: Vendors

Vendors have an opportunity to become included when healthcare organizations are making purchasing decisions relevant to them. They get to educate people on products and services, discover open projects that healthcare leaders are actively trying to solve, and pitch their products to those looking for their solutions.